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Pancreatic Cancer Action Campaign: I Wish I Had Breast Cancer

February 6, 2014

New pancreatic cancer awareness campaign believes some cancers are better than others?


Congratulations, Pancreatic Cancer Action.

Your brilliant marketing plan is working. It was a stroke of genius to have Tube ads and YouTube videos of people saying “I wish I had testicular cancer” and “I wish I had breast cancer.”

The UK-based  Pancreatic Cancer Action’s Ali Stunt  was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer age 41 in 2007.  Upon learning the disease has a 3% chance of survival and an average life expectancy of just months, she found herself  wishing she had  a cancer with a  better chance of survival. “In fact the cancer I personally wished I had was breast,” Stunt writes. “[My friend with breast cancer] was telling me how grueling her treatment was and how difficult it was to cope with the diagnosis. While I was sympathetic…I couldn’t help but think every now and then, ‘it’s alright for you, you have an 85% chance that you will…

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  1. I think I understand the intent of that campaign, but the execution could have been better. That said, some cancers are “better” than others. I’m unluckier than most in that I had testicular cancer in both testicles (statically rare; I feel so exceptional). But, it was caught earlier and the treatment stopped the cancer dead in it’s tracks. I no longer have testicles, but I’m alive.

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