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Why I Think Jockey’s Fit Kit is Kind of Missing the Point

July 11, 2013

Great comprehensive review of Jockey’s new bra fit system and what problems bras might fix, if any, for women.

Sweet Nothings

In May the New York Times covered the release of Jockey’s new Fit Kit, which in turned sparked a number of articles remarkable for the uniformity of their frenzied hand-wringing and cries of “Bras, am I right? Who can figure these things out? Arrghh they’re sooooo haaaard,” followed immediately by a number of articles that countered with the suggestion that recent developments in bra fitting practices, especially those relating to larger cup/smaller back sizes, were a sham, a crock, and snake oil, and that bras were supposed to be uncomfortable instruments of torture anyway so all these “bra fitters” were zealous, self-righteous quacks.

I was skeptical of Jockey’s fitting claims, but my surprise at the passion and range of responses inspired me to see what the commotion was all about. I know it seems odd coming from someone who’s written about bras for over a year now, but…

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