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How About a “What Cancer Really Does to Breasts Day”?

I wasn’t going to write about No Bra Day, because 1) so many other blogs I read have said most of what needs to be said, 2) why should I give it more exposure and attention, and 3) I wrote an overl…

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Book Review: The Breast Life Guide to The Bra Zone by Elisabeth Dale — H Cup Chronicles

Yes! A book review! I love books, and I love bras, so imagine my excitement when I first saw Elisabeth Dale of The Breast Life talking about her book, which deals with everything you could possibly think of to do with bras, bra fit, style, sizing, shopping and care. When Elisabeth posted on her Instagram (@thebreastlife) […]

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Life is happening

Hey Gwyneth Paltrow, a GYN says stop scaring women about bras and breast cancer

Women need to be given facts and science, not BS.

Dr. Jen Gunter

Screen Shot 2015-10-19 at 11.51.09 PMGwyneth Paltrow’sGOOP is the latest site to stoke false fears aboutbras and breast cancer (scaremongering being a nice touch for breast cancer awareness month – wraps up the whole October fright fest thing with a pink bow). The post is written by Dr. Habib Sadeghi, a doctor of osteopathic medicine and apparently the person who brought us the term conscious uncoupling.

Dr. Sadeghi dives right into the nonsense quoting a debunked book from 1991, Dressed to Kill, as if it were medical literature. He states that a 1991 study found that “pre-menopausal women who did not wear bras had half the risk of breast cancer when compared to bra users. ” Except that’s not what the study found. The study published in theEuropean Journal of Cancer in 1991 by Hsieh, entitled Breast size, handedness, and breast cancer risk, found the following:

Premenopausal women who do not wear bras…

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Is It Really “All About the Titties” on National No Bra Day (a.k.a. Metastatic Breast Cancer Awareness Day)?

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MetsMonday: What is Happening Today on Twitter and Beyond? March 2, 2015

Get informed. Spread the word. #dontignorestageIV


Beth Fairchild was diagnosed with MBC in her early 30s. Beth Fairchild was diagnosed with MBC in her early 30s.“I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, an artist, and a lover of all that lives,” is how Beth Fairchild of New Bern, NC describes herself on her Twitter page (@bethfairchildnc). “I also have advanced stage breast cancer.”

Beth Fairchild was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer in her early 30s. She got together with several online friends — all about her age and all living with Stage IV breast cancer. They launched a website and on Monday, March 2, they plan to flood social media outlets with MBC information and hashtags such as #MetsMonday and #DontIgnoreStageIV. (Blogger Nancy Stordahl is credited with the ongoing #MetsMonday hashtag.)

Their goal with Project Hashtag as they have dubbed it, is to get MBC trending on Twitter and beyond.

Beth Fairchild’s determination to get the message out about metastatic breast cancer practically jumps…

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Reciprocity and Respect

Great piece about labelling others, w/o thinking about the way they see themselves.


Long ago I reposted or tweeted some official-medical journal type article about how the warrior language can be damaging for many cancer patients. This was a report about a study on the issue, NOT some random blogger opinion piece. I got some comment or push back from someone, protesting that many folks found it helpful to be warriors, and they were tired of getting criticized for it.

It was weird because 1) I did not write the article, much less conduct the study and 2) I was merely posting it, not criticizing, and I did not find the language of the article to criticize the folks who do use the warrior language. Even weirder, it seemed like the victor claiming to be the persecuted to me—the warrior language is pretty pervasive and accepted as the social norm. Sure lots of bloggers post about their discomfort with the term, but it…

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